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THE founders of ECA Integrated Solution Bhd have spent the last three decades automating factories across the world.

Today, the Penang-based company’s clients are mostly large multinational companies (MNCs), with the major ones listed in the United States, Germany and Switzerland.

In the first eight months ended June 30, almost two-thirds of ECA’s revenue came from outside of Malaysia.

ECA, en route to an ACE Market listing on Nov 23, offers customised automation solutions to manufacturers of semiconductor products, 5G telecommunication components, solar panel systems, automotive components and digital display tags.

Looking ahead, however, the group expects the automotive sector to spearhead ECA’s growth.

The key catalyst would be the rising adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid EVs (HEV) globally, according to ECA executive director and chief operating officer Chua Lye Hock.

“As we serve customers who are involved in the production of silicon carbide and insulated gate bipolar transistors, which are important components of EV and HEV, we will stand to benefit from the rising trend.

“The second industry that we believe will gain good traction is the solar power industry.

“With many countries committed to reaching net-zero carbon by the year 2050, we believe that national policies will continue to favor the industry in the coming years.

“Demand for solar will grow globally, taking the lead from China, Europe and the United States,” he tells StarBizWeek.




Chua will own a 27.8% stake in ECA post-initial public offering (IPO) exercise.

Chua, who has 31 years of experience in machine design and the engineering-related field, also sees a good growth opportunity for digital display tags.

“These are electronic price tags typically used in retail businesses like supermarkets and are rapidly gaining popularity in places like Europe.

“The growing emphasis on environmental, social and governance (ESG) has encouraged many big retail chains to switch from paper to digital, and we anticipate such a trend to sustain,” he adds.

In view of the growing market potential, ECA is working on expanding its business operations, partly accelerated by its upcoming IPO.

About 85% of the funds raised via the IPO will go towards acquisition of machinery (30.2%) and working capital (54.9%).

“In order to capture more jobs, we need the manpower and the facilities to do so.

“This is especially crucial as our work is highly customised,” Chua says.

He points out that the 10 new machines to be acquired will enhance the customisability of ECA’s solutions, enabling it to cater to the different needs of various customers and industries.

“Furthermore, these machines also enable us to handle a larger volume of fabrication work.


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